Unique Room is escape room (or Exit game) - popular form of free-time activity. You and your friends will be locked up in a themed escape room to leave all your worries behind as your only quest will be to get from the room within a specific time limit. The room will be full of riddles that will complicate your way out.

You will be solving riddles within a time limit (usually about an hour). Escape rooms are made for groups of 2-8 people.

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Soldier's cell

The Soldier's cell is a themed room with a story about soldier Peter. To find a way out, you will have to solve many interesting brain teasers and riddles to find out what preceded the imprisonment of soldier Peter. To solve the puzzles you will need agility, cooperation and team spirit. The room is build for new and experienced players (The amount of experience you have will determine the amount of hints you will get.)

Amount of people: 4-6

Price: 1350 czech crowns / group (50 euro)

Time limit: 75 minutes

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Under construction

We are currently building new escape room. We expect the room to be ready at the end of the spring. The only further information we are currently letting out is that the room will be designed for two people.
Send us an email if you are interested in testing!


Gift voucher

Birthday, Name-day, Christmas? Are you looking for unusual and interesting gift? Give your friends or relatives gift voucher to our escape room! The price of the voucher is 1350 czech crowns or 50 euro and it serves for group of 4-6 people in any free term (look at the calendar below). How the voucher will look like can be discussed, don't hesitate to contact us!

Discount price until 3 pm!

Get locked until 3 pm and pay just 899 czech crowns (35 euros). Offer is valid until the end of april.

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Reservation form

If you are interested in reservation on any free date, fill in the reservation form or contact us via e-mail on rezervace@uniqueroom.cz or call us on +420 733 657 032. If you have any discount voucher, please send us it's code. Your reservation is valid after confirmation, so please fill in your actual e-mail. (Or other way to contact you back)

Contact us

Where can you find us?

unIQue room
Lidická 40,
tel.: +420 603 318 990

Tram: Antonínská (linka 1, 6)

Car: We can provide you a parking spot. The entrance is under the banner "Vedení účetnictví" . Also, around the park Lužánky will most likely be a free spot.



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